Books Works of Art

n exhilarating form of Art, Books Works of Art, also known as Artist’s Books, are artworks using the book format as their “canvas”. A relatively new artistic style, Books Works of Art came to be within the last few centuries, after the advances in typography and the unprecedented popularity of books the world over. Traditionally Books Works of Art contain classic writings, such as ancient texts and religious scripts. Today, the range of Books Works of Art has been widely expanded to include all content imaginable.Makers draw upon a multitude of methodologies from various art forms such as sculpture, painting, engraving, photography, calligraphy, poetry, jewelry, even music and video in more recent times.

Books Works of Art first appeared during the mid-18th century. Songs of Innocence and Experience, written, drawn, printed and bound by William Blake in 1795, is considered the first of the kind. In the 19th and, mainly, 20th century this artistic style became very popular eventually being recognized as a distinct Art form in 1970. In the following decades schools were founded for the study of this particular Art Form, while collections started appearing in libraries and museums. Often, Books Works of Art are produced in a limited number of copies although industrial production is usually the norm. 
Books Works of Art in proffesional spaces. Example of office decoration in offices of strong personality.
Books Works of Art in personal spaces. Example of home collection of artworks and memorabilia.