Books Works of Art The Rodax Collectiοn

he Rodax Family™ is a collection of Books Works of Art offering unique Collector’s Editions of some of the most precious works of Ancient Greek Literature and Christian Scripts, in their original language typically ancient Greek. The books are leather bound with covers bearing authentic jewelry and gems in addition to gold and silver plating and pyrography. The result is an exquisite artwork satisfying one’s sight, touch and spirit, creating that quintessential bond among Art and humans, making people wanting to own and decorate it in their private spaces.  
In Ancient literature titles the cover jewel is an ancient Rodax (a form of rosette), while the Christian scripts are decorated by a Christian Byzantine Rodax (see following chapter). The Rodax jewels in the books are small marvels of sculpture and jewelry made by Greek designers and technicians, with remarkable inspiration, technical proficiency and sense of history. The combination of gold, silver and gems creates a whole capable of captivating the hearts of all cultivated individuals.  
Inside, the books of the Rodax Family™ contain the original texts decorated with artistic elements of remarkable originality and quality. The Rhapsodies in Homer’s works commence on a drop cap combining Homer era black figure art and Gold. Intertwined with the text are some of the greatest paintings by worldwide artists gloriously conveying Homer’s scenes onto canvas.  
All books contain text in its original ancient Greek script, together with literary translation in 8 modern languages: 
8 languages for Ancient Greece Titles : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Modern Greek, Chinese

8 languages for Byzantium – Christianity Titles: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Modern Greek, Romanian 
All Rodax Family™ books are manufactured with absolutely top quality materials, bearing the essence of refinement, durability and longevity. These are valuable possessions which may decorate the spaces close to our heart and passed on to our offspring with love.