Icons Rodax™ Silver Exact Replicas™

Silver ExactReplicas™ collection offers a unique combintaion of two great byzantine arts, Painting and Engraving. It is formes aroung the same painting themes of the Rodax collection, with the addtion of silver engraving (950º) frame, which decorate thw icon in the traditional way.

The engraving of the frame is rooted in the tradition, made by artists that serve christian orthodox engraving in all their lives. The four corners of the engraved frame are decorated with four eight-leaf byzanting rodax motifs (stavrorodax), just lie the silver-plated frames. 
The Rodax Silver ExactReplicas™ collection preserves all the qualities of the ExactReplicas™ family, with excelleng paintin rendition, unique picture gold-plating, as well as the exemplary endurance longevity achieved by modern day production technologies.

 These icons are a precious possessions that can hold a dear place in our worship and personal spaces and passed on to our offspring with love.