Icons Rodax Exact Replicas™

he Rodax collection of Icons
Exact Replicas™ is derived from the most precious works of Byzantine and Metabyzantine Orthodox Iconography; it presents to the worldwide community of religious art lover a collection of unique reproductions of the most revered icons of Christianhood. 
All Icons are made of wood, depicting legentary Christian icons, with absolutely top quality and unique gold and silver plating, with the exemplary logevity and endurance allowed by modern production technologies. The end result is a thrilling sense of quality, both in the sensory and the spiritual world, directly leading to the metaphysical attraction of Virtue, Faith and Sanity. A force the drives people to own the Icon and place it their own spiritual place. 
The icons in the collection derive their themes from Holy Christian Icons, like the Icon of Christ Pantokrator, made in Constanople in mid-6th century, using the encaustic technique (hot wax painting), with the original located Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai - St. Catherine. An icon believed to be a direct copy of the Mandylion of Antioch, one of the lost Sacraments of Christianity, with the uncarved image f Christ depicted in the Mandylion when He wiped His face with it and sent it to King Abgar of Antioch. 

Production quality of the Rodax collection is unique, with materials that emanate the sense of durability and longevity. 

All gold-plated icons of the Rodax family are decorated with a silver-plated frame, bearing an eight-foil rodax in each of its four corners; a design based on byzantine orthox tradition. These icons are a precious possessions that can hold a dear place in our worship and personal spaces and passed on to our offspring with love.

Suggested Retail Prices  
Size Large:        75,00€ 
Size Medium:   45,00€ 
Size Small:        30,00€